Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS)

The Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) is now open for registrations on ROS.

Key points of the scheme :

  • Companies, self-employed and partnerships can qualify where their business has been impacted by Covid 19 restrictions

  • Scheme applies to trading business operating from a business premises (see below). Rental, professional services, and charities appear to be excluded.

  • Turnover (including turnover from online sales or takeaway/delivery) during the “restricted period” must be no more than 25% of the average weekly turnover in 2019 for a similar period of weeks.

  • Restricted periods are periods where Covid 19 restrictions force a business to close or significantly restrict customer access to the business premises

  • CRSS weekly payment is calculated as 10% of the average weekly turnover for 2019 (up to weekly max turnover €20k) and 5% thereafter, subject to an overall maximum CRSS payment of €5,000 per week. E.g. Qualifying company with turnover of €1m in 2019 would receive a weekly CRSS payment of €1,923.

  • A business can withdraw or reduce their CRSS claim without interest or penalties arising where the amendment is made ‘without delay’.

  • The scheme is to operate from 13 October 2020 to 31 March 2021.

  • While the registration process is open claims for payment of CRSS cannot yet be made, it is expected that the claims process will open in mid-November.

As part of the registration a business will need to confirm the following to Revenue:

  • Address of the business premises (including EIRCODE)

  • Average Weekly Turnover figure for 2019 (January to December 2019)

  • Total VAT on sales per VAT returns (January to December 2019)

  • Signed agent link for CRSS (if submitted by the tax agent)

  • Valid tax clearance

The Revenue’s guidelines outline the types of businesses which are expected to qualify for the Scheme:

  • Commercial wedding venues

  • Commercial indoor and outdoor events

  • Commercial sporting events

  • Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

  • Museums, public galleries and other similar cultural attractions

  • Bars, cafes and restaurants (including Hotel bars, cafes and restaurants)

  • Pubs, Nightclubs, discos and casinos

  • Hotels, B&B’s, Guesthouses and similar accommodation providers

  • Retail (e.g. clothing, toys, specialist stores)

  • Commercial park, commercial children’s play centres and theme parks

If you would like to discuss the above scheme and how it may apply to your business please contact us.