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Walsh O’Brien Harnett is a statutory audit firm providing audit services to companies, not-for-profits, and schools as part of an annual compliance cycle.

An annual statutory audit is generally required for most companies (or groups of companies) which exceed two of the following thresholds:

  • Annual turnover greater than €12 million

  • Balance sheet greater than €6 million

  • More than 50 employees

Different thresholds may apply to entities that are regulated by Central Bank of Ireland or the Charities Regulator, certain entity types such as limited partnerships or S.110 companies, and entities which were late filing returns to the Companies Registration Office.

In addition, an organisation may elect to have an audit, for example if it were required or requested by stakeholders such as shareholders, banks, or creditors. We believe that the annual audit can provide greater value when it is used as a springboard for deeper business analysis.


Our assurance services can help you to make forecasts, cash-flow projections, business valuations, due diligence, funding applications, and more.

Internal audit

We provide internal audit services to firms that do not have the resources or the need for a full-time internal audit function. Internal audit is increasingly required by regulators in various sectors, and can be a useful tool to identify and address weaknesses in systems and controls.

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