Tax Debt Warehousing Notices being issued by Revenue

Revenue are now issuing debt warehousing notices. As agents will not receive copies of the notices we would urge all businesses to review the notices carefully and ensure all relevant tax periods and liabilities are included. Where there are discrepancies between your own records and the Revenue notice contact should be made with Revenue as soon as possible. These notices may be issued by post or directly to your ROS inbox.

In addition, Revenue have stated that any outstanding tax returns must be filed by 30th April in order to retain the benefits of Debt Warehousing. Such outstanding returns which may be listed in the Revenue notice could include VAT annual return of trading details returns and Forms 46G for example. Failure to file such returns by 30th April could result in the warehoused taxes becoming payable in full immediately.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Bryan Farrell or Fergus Woodcock from our tax team

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