Budget 2023 Highlights

Today’s budget was presented within significant uncertainties both economic and geopolitical. While the domestic economy is still growing, the impact of inflation and higher interest rates is uncertain.

The Government announced €4.1 billion in once-off measures to help individuals, families and businesses with the rising cost of living, together with €6.9 billion in other budgetary adjustments.

The Government also announced a Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme to assist businesses with their increased energy costs until at least February 2023.

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Personal Taxation

  • Standard rate band increased

  • No changes to USC rates – small increase in some bands

  • Income tax rates remain the same

  • Increase of €75 in the personal tax and employee/earned income credits

  • Introduction of rent tax relief of €500

  • Extension of Help to Buy property scheme to 31 December 2024

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Business Taxation

  • Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme introduced

  • Increase limit from €500 to €1,000 for benefits an employer can make to an employee tax-free

  • Extension and expansion of the Key Employee Engagement Scheme

  • Extension and improvements to the Research & Development tax credit

  • Extension of Foreign Earnings Deduction

  • Extension and modifications to Special Assignee Relief Programme

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Other Measures

  • Excise duty to increase by 50c on a packet of 20 cigarettes with a pro rata increase on other tobacco products

  • Farmers’ flat rate addition to decrease from 5.6% to 5% from 1 January 2023

  • The bank levy is extended to the end of 2023

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