Religious advisory

Walsh O’Brien Harnett has been acting for charity and not-for-profit clients for 40 years and currently works with over 140 not-for-profit entities operating both in Ireland and internationally. Our clients range from large international household names to small unincorporated organisations. We have built up the knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate their way through the constantly evolving regulatory framework. We understand our clients and care about their reputation.


We understand that to audit an entity you must first understand its processes and procedures, the environment in which it operates, and who its key personnel are. Our dedicated charity audit team comprises professionals with a deep understanding of our client’s operations. This enable us to provide an efficient and streamlined audit process and provide relevant timely feedback to those charged with the governance of a charity. The management team and senior staff have all trained with the firm, so our clients will always be dealing with a familiar face. The partners at Walsh O’Brien Harnett are readily available to anyone in your organisation and are always happy to take a call.


The charity sector in Ireland has been constantly evolving ever since the introduction of the Charity Act in 2009 and the subsequent establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority. Our team is always up-to-speed with developments relating to the sector in Ireland and internationally.

We understand that complying with regulations is burdensome and it often seems to take up the majority of time that could be better spent advancing the charity objectives. We work with our clients to assist them in identifying and resolving issues early, which allows them meet there current and future regulatory requirements on time and efficiently.

Walsh O’Brien Harnett’s clients have historically been ahead of the curve, adopting best practice procedures before they even become mandatory regulations. Many of our client have been applying the Charity Statement of Recommend Practice (SORP) for over a decade.

Investment consulting

Walsh O’Brien Harnett has a long history of assisting our charity clients with developing their investment strategy and helping them navigate their way through the various decision-making processes along the way.

We work with both our client and their investment managers to plan for the future and ensure the funds are available to meet the future income and capital requirements of the charity.

Strategic planning

It is important for charities to have a clear strategy and direction and to ensure they have the resources to accomplish their objectives. We can assist clients by preparing short-, medium- and long-term forecasts. This enables our clients to accurately predict their future funding requirements and allocate their resources accordingly.

Trustee support

Trustees of a charity are legally responsible for the management of their charity and while they can delegate tasks they cannot delegate responsibility. Wash O’Brien Harnett can assist the trustees by helping them clarify their responsibilities, identify areas where improvements can be made, and auditing processes and procedure to ensure the charity is adhering to the principals of good governance.

Charity & not-for-profit sector