Nominee directors

Companies incorporated in Ireland are required under the Companies Act 2014 to have at least one EEA (European Economic Area) resident director appointed to the board. Additionally, it is advisable to have this person be an Irish resident director to fully comply with Irish company law and tax residency rules.

A nominee director has the same responsibilities as any other director in the company; they still need to act in the best interest of the company and the person who nominated them. A nominee director will:

  • Act in good faith and with all honesty on behalf of the company’s best interest.

  • Attend the mandatory annual general meeting (AGM) and any other board meetings as required throughout the year.

  • Sign various documents on behalf of the company as part of its statutory annual filings.

  • Depending on the requirement, they may need to be the face of the company by attending meetings with financial institutions for setting up company business accounts.

  • Provide anonymity to appointing persons.

Our local director service provides the procurement of experienced non-executive directors to act as directors on the board of client companies. These individuals have vast experience across a range of industries.

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